Orlando Lastimosa in the Philippines

Rodger Roldan in the Philippines


Vincent Enyioke currently in the DFW Texas area

Growing up as a pastor's kid, one fateful Wednesday afternoon right around mid-week service, March 18, 1987, our church building and pastorium where I called home were razed to the ground by Islamic fundamentalists. The following Sunday, March 22, 1987, we gathered for worship amidst the rubbles and ashes and my dad preached as he reminded us that the church building is not the church but "two

or more gathering in the name of Jesus" (Matt 18:20). This weekly gathering of believers to worship, pray, fast, sing hymns, etc. became the means through which we experienced healing and also shared the love of Jesus with our hostile neighbors. We always looked forward to the next gathering with great joy as we witnessed the move of God in the city as Muslims began to place their faith in Jesus because of the spirit of forgiveness, love, and outpouring of generosity displayed by Christians. Our gatherings were prayer meetings and more prayer meetings and fasting like the Church in the book of Acts. In 1999, I answered the call into ministry and this experience motivates me to provide a safe home for refugees and displaced people in our community, where they can experience love and friendships as well as healing and salvation. Brokenness creates a desperate need for community and openness to the Gospel. Our city is broken and this provides a great opportunity for a community that brings hope and healing through the Gospel. We planted ten churches during our ministry in Nigeria between 2002 and 2013. Transform City Church is a refuge for the afflicted, broken-hearted, and captives in our city. We are transforming lives into Christlikeness one city at a time. We are currently partnering with a local church in Fort Worth Texas to serve the homeless and afflicted. We are also developing a partnership with World Relief to bring the Gospel to the refugees in an apartment complex in Fort Worth. Our English as a Second Language (ESL) ministry will target refugees and migrant population in Southwest Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas, bringing the good news to them as they learn English.


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